Phase II Complete

With a final trip in December 2015 to Ethiopia to deliver and distribute the solar-powered audio players in Amharic, Phase II of the Solar Event was completed. This special occasion concludes the year-long efforts by Sunset and our ministry partners around the world that have given and prayed to make this possible. Our prayers now continue that God will take our efforts and multiply their effect for the glory of His kingdom.

Handing out of the Solar Players is complete

Phase II - Thank You


Baptism in Kenya

For the second year, you have responded to this incredible opportunity to help the Kingdom of God grow. With just under three months left in the year, you helped us reach the goal of funding 2,000 solar-powered audio players to be delivered to Ethiopia, South Sudan, Kenya and Nigeria. Three-quarters of the solar players have already been delivered and are in use. The rest will be delivered in two remaining trips, including the delivery of the solar players to Ethiopia with the Sunset materials and the Bible in Amharic.  We will report on this milestone around the first of the year.

Here Am I. Send Me to Mexico, City

The SOSAS going to Mexico | Raising funds

Who are we?
We are Mexican citizens and have been married four years. Before we moved to Lubbock Texas, both of us were working in our respective professions: Abi worked as an Assistant of Research in Public Health for the Mexican Federal Government and I worked as a Business Intelligence Consultant at Axa Insurances. Both of us were born and raised in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. Abi grew up in a Christian family and I was converted to the gospel of Christ five years ago. We met each other when we were pursuing our bachelors  degree in the University of Yucatan. Our love for the  Lord, our eagerness to study His word and our desire to  serve brought us to Lubbock to study for the Bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies at SIBI.


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