Pulpit Minister

Trinidad Church of Christ

The Trinidad Church of Christ is seeking a full-time pulpit minister. We are a small congregation of about 35 located in Southern Colorado in the city of Trinidad. We own a recently renovated 4 bedroom, 2 bath parsonage adjacent to the building and additionally pay for house insurance and all utilities. We are looking for a doctrinally sound man who is able to relate with all ages.Please email your resume to mp01@txstate.edu.

Full time Minister

Keystone church of Christ


We are a small rural North central Florida congregation. (45+ Sunday; 40+ Wed) We need a man, married with five years full time experience. We have tried an inexperienced man with disappointing results. We are debt free with a good building, abundant opportunity to grow and financially sound. We can offer a reasonable salary to start that will match area income. We are conservative, support the area children's home and have no "hobbies". We are at peace and have been for years with only minor bumps in the road. We expect a man to be willing to work reasonable hours and accept the decisions and council of the Elders.

Contact: Robert Bell; 352-475-5805; blazercat5@gmail.com

Resume: Brief, showing congregational experience. No sermons or references until the individual appears to be what we need.

Full Time Preacher

Skagit Valley Church of Christ

The Skagit Valley Church of Christ in Burlington, Washington is seeking a full-time minister/preacher/teacher. We are looking for a man who is passionate for the work of the Lord, and able to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds. Responsibilities include preaching, teaching Bible classes, and supporting the spiritual growth of the congregation. The applicant should be a team-player with extensive Bible knowledge who is persuasive, servant-hearted and an engaging speaker.

Minimum of 5 years of ministry experience required.

We are a Bible-believing family united in living for God by loving and serving each other and inviting our community to know Jesus. Located in Burlington since 1961, the family is made up of members from all over the surrounding area. The body averages 80 worshipers on Sundays.

Please submit resume and any other information you'd like us to consider to: selection.committee@skagitvalleychurch.org


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