Carteret Road Church of Christ

The Carteret Road Church of Christ in Brunswick, Georgia is looking for a preacher. The congregation is about 45-50 members. The salary being offered is $60,000. The congregation has a large, modern building in a great location.

Elders to contact:

Wayne Jones
Phone: 678-222-8282

Gary Sharpe
Phone: 706-333-2654

Full-time Minister

Newport Avenue Church of Christ

The Newport Avenue Church of Christ in Bend, Oregon is searching for a new, full-time minister. This position is a full-time preaching minister, the basic function of which is to minister to the needs of the local church and evangelize to the population of Bend. We’re looking for a minister to help implement programs and structure to attract and support young families that will continue to grow the Church and develop active youth programs.

Bend, Oregon is a thriving community of 90,000 located on the eastern edge of the Cascade Mountain Range along the Deschutes River. Surrounded by beautiful mountains, lakes, streams and trails - and widely recognized for the quality of its public schools and parks - Bend is frequently ranked as one of the top places to live in the U.S. and a popular tourist destination. With an average of 12 people per day moving to Bend, this community is fertile ground for the Lord’s work in Oregon.

Ministry/Preaching experience: 1 year required/5 years preferred Education: 4-year B.A. in Biblical Studies with Grad. Studies Preferred

To Apply
Email resume and cover letter to

Full Time House Parents

Mid-Western Children's Home

Mid-Western Children's Home is looking for families to come serve as full time house parents in our cottage based model on our beautiful 167 acre campus near Cincinnati, Ohio. Children served are 11 to 18 and have some behavioral and attachment issues. Current openings include both male and female cottages. Benefits include housing and utilities, free internet, grocery allowance, transportation allowance as well as vacation time. Starting salary is $36,000 per house parent couple with availability for the part work in the community. Contact Barry Boverie for inquiries at or (513)877-2008


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