Preaching Evangelist

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Preaching Evangelist

Salina Church of Christ

Full-Time Ministry Position
Preaching Evangelist
Summary: The Preaching Evangelist will be expected to function within the spiritual framework of ministry as described in God's word. He shall function in his duties directly under the oversight of the elders and in collaboration with a fellow Associate Evangelist and church secretary. His primary duties shall be in the areas of preaching, adult education, evangelism, and overall congregational care.
Basic Work Responsibilities
1. Preach weekly AM sermons and 2 - 3 times a month PM sermons
2. Teach Bible classes on Sunday or Wednesday night
3. Assist in leading a LIFE group which meets two times a month
4. Maintain a close working relationship with elders, deacons, and full-time staff members
5. Keep regular office hours and conduct all ministerial activities (teaching, staff meetings, counseling, visitation, weddings, funerals, LIFE group leader etc.) in a godly and professional manner.
6. Visit regularly in the hospital and homes
7. Promote and support all "congregational" programs and activities
8. Devote adequate time to allow for diligent study and preparation of God's word, personal spiritual formation, and care for family.
9. Fulfill the ministry of an Evangelist (2 Timothy 4:5)
1. Male
2. Age: 35 to 55 years of age, but spiritual maturity is the primary consideration
3. Married - with a wife who is supportive and desires to be actively involved in the ministry of the Salina church family.
4. Children (preferred, but willing to consider ALL qualified candidates)
5. Doctrinally and morally sound
6. Education: Formal spiritual preparation for ministry through a recognized Christian College/University or School of Preaching associated with churches of Christ.
7. Good work ethic, self-motivated, willing to lead
8. Ability and willingness to teach the Word of God
9. Desires to work with and relate to all ages of people
10. Compatible with Elders, Deacons, and Staff - sees himself as a team-oriented individual

Salary: Negotiable

Description of Congregation:

Salina church of Christ is a mainline, Biblically based congregation made up of a diverse group of disciples (between 150-165 on average, in Sunday morning attendance) who love the Lord, one another, and the lost in a community of about 49,000. The congregation is led by three spiritually minded elders and five servant minded deacons who minister in the areas of: finance, youth ministry, building and grounds and evangelism. There is currently one full time co- evangelist serving primarily in the area of young adults and youth in the congregation. The Salina church of Christ is a very active, mission supporting congregation with an excellent blend of mature members as well as a healthy number youth and young families. We have a very unique mortgage free facility to worship, study and fellowship in on 13 acres of land in the north part of town. We are looking for a minister of the Word and His family to...come and GROW with us!

Contact Information:

Elders or Robert levis - Salina church of Christ

1646 N. 9th Street
Salina, KS 67401
785-827-2957 (Office)
916-878-7934 (Robert Levis)

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