Outreach Evangelism Minister

Camelback Church of Christ (Phoenix)


Camelback Church of Christ, Inc., a warm and friendly 150-member congregation in central Phoenix, Arizona is looking for an outgoing, personable and energetic mature Christian Minister to work with our elders and Pulpit Minister to help produce a dynamic and Biblically-based ministry where adults and youth are taught Christian discipleship, have fun and love to be together. This person will facilitate member involvement/growth in our various age groups, lead initiatives to reach our community with the Gospel and preach/teach sermons/bible classes.

Candidate must possess the following to apply:
• Husband of a supportive Christian wife.
• Knowledge as is typically obtained by raising children.
• Genuine, outgoing personality.
• Ability to positively influence people of all age groups and backgrounds.
• Experience providing counsel to Christian members and families.
• Five (5) years’ full-time (or equivalent) ministry experience.
• Ability and willingness to collaborate and work together as part of a team.
• Excellent knowledge of and ability to discern scripture.
• Ability to preach practical and engaging sermons.
• Ability to facilitate classes and small groups that encourages participation.
• Ability to effectively communicate with a command of the English language.
Preferred qualifications:
• Bachelor’s Degree in Bible, Missions, Youth Ministry, or related field.
• Experience using media and social media to attract visitors and engage members.
• Experience working with youth in a Church of Christ congregation.

TO APPLY: Send materials electronically to: search@camelbackchurchofchrist.org
Camelback Church of Christ offers competitive salary & benefits.

Outreach/Evangelism Minister

Southern Oaks Church of Christ - Chickasha


Applicants can submit a resume to soakselders@att.net .

Job Description
For the Evangelism & Involvement Minister

I. Intent

To give a clear definition and outline of responsibility areas of the Involvement and Outreach Minister at Southern Oaks Church of Christ.

II. Basic Purpose

The purpose of the Involvement and Outreach Minister includes the planning and implementation of a ministry which encourages greater individual involvement in evangelism and participation in the various ministries at Southern Oaks.

III. Basic Responsibilities

A. Provide leadership in planning, organizing and establishing programs that fosters an evangelistic spirit and an atmosphere of involvement among the members of the Southern Oaks Church of Christ.

B. He is to effectively communicate with the church regarding the opportunities for evangelism and involvement in various ministry areas.

IV. Specific responsibilities

A. Outreach
1. Create outreach opportunities for the church, including such things as Friend’s Day and Campaigns
2. Organize card/letter writing efforts to visitors and prospective members
3. Initiate follow-up on visits and studies that have been conducted to determine if further efforts need to be made in each case
4. Organize and assist with visitation program
5. Recruit new members to work with the visitation program
6. Communicate with the congregation through bulletin articles, visual aids and oral announcements about outreach opportunities.
7. Prepare and implement curriculum for life group studies
8. Initiate training of leaders for life groups
9. Maintain records pertaining to outreach prospects, classes, workers, etc.

B. Evangelism
1. Promote and coordinate personal Bible studies
2. Work with the evangelism deacons to keep evangelism efforts organized and energized
3. Provide leadership in keeping the congregation motivated to be evangelistic
4. Initiate special training classes designed to train individuals to evangelize effectively
5. Recruit individuals into the evangelistic programs of the church
6. Make weekly visits to those who have attended the worship assemble or have been submitted by members of the congregation on an Outreach Prospect Card.
7. Keep evangelism ministry records current
8. Communicate with the congregation about evangelism opportunities, needs and victories

C. New Christian Care
1. Coordinate special studies/classes with the new Christian for the purpose of establishing him in the faith.
2. Select and train teachers for these new Christian studies

D. Involvement
1. Design and maintain work profiles on all Southern Oaks members
2. Provide each church member, new member/convert with an “Involvement Survey”
3. When the member has completed the “Involvement Survey” record the information contained on the card in computer spread sheet
4. Keep a current “job and talent list” indicating the members involvement or work interest
5. Work with all ministry leaders (deacons) in supplying them with the names of individuals desiring to work in a given ministry
6. Encourage cooperation and communication between ministries
7. Cooperate with the elders in the periodic reassignment of ministry leaders (deacons)

V. General responsibilities
A. He will be available to teach classes on Sunday morning and on Wednesday night as needed

B. He will exercise his discretion and good judgment regarding the use of his time and participation in various requests pertaining to:
1. Weddings
2. Funerals
3. Sick Calls
4. Counseling

C. Other duties as assigned by the Elders.


LaSalle church of Christ

Established Niagara Falls, NY congregation, without elders, is seeking a FT pulpit minister. We are an older congregation of 50+ members striving to serve our Lord and reaching the lost and hurting in our community. Prefer a married man, with experience and a 4 year Bible degree who will help us focus on ministry and evangelism.
Please send a resume, video/audio CD, or link along with a personal philosophy of ministry.
More information can be obtained from our website.


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