Family & Youth Minister

Liberty Church of Christ


The Liberty, MO Church of Christ, a congregation that averaged 258 in 2017, is seeking a Family & Youth Minister who will partner with our congregation to promote the spiritual development of our families and youth, help strengthen the foundation of the home, mentor our families and youth in practicing our faith in the community and with one another, and assist families and youth in reaching the lost. Secondary ministry responsibilities will be determined by the Family & Youth Minister’s personal strengths, spiritual gifts, ministry passions and experiences.

Education—Preference will be given to those candidates that have at least a Bachelor’s related to ministry from a Christian college associated with Churches of Christ. However, individuals with at least a two year certificate of completion from a recognized Preaching School associated with the Churches of Christ or who display a unique blend of talent and experience may be considered.
Personal—It is the view of the Liberty Church of Christ leadership that in order to be an effective Family & Youth Minister, prospective applicants should be married with children.
Experience—Preference will be given those applicants with a minimum of 2 years in a fulltime ministry position or equivalent life experience.

Compensation: Liberty seeks to offer our Family & Youth Minister a competitive financial package dependent on experience. We also offer up to five working days to attend seminars, eight paid holidays a year, and a competitive vacation package.

For a detailed description of the position and instructions on how to apply, please follow the link to our website: A background check will be required before a candidate is offered the position.

Pulpit Minister

Metro church of Christ

The Metro Family is a church:

· Of approximately 325 members; in Gresham, Oregon;

· Of wide-ranging age, with vitality;

· That is conservative theologically but not necessarily traditional;

· “With a heart” of care and compassion;

· With many ministry opportunities;

· Ethnically diverse, in keeping with our community;

· That is serious about making a difference in our community and world.

Our Shepherd’s are:

· Active in serving the flock;

· Diverse in personality and as individual thinkers;

· United in their decisions;

· Sincere in their desire for the good future of the Kingdom; but they share common concern for the future growth of the church;

We are looking for:

· A positive minded, experienced minister and family man, aiming at a long term commitment; willing to learn the unique mindset of the Northwest;

· A person with the “Servant’s” heart; to serve alongside us and not for us;

· A well trained expositor who has a deep thirst for Scripture and can create this thirst in others;

· A man with a heart of compassion for the lost and struggling; willing to mentor/disciple others in care and compassion;

· One who connects and relates well with young and old;

· A person who can laugh at himself and with others;

full time preacher needed

Pulaski Church of Christ, Pulaski, VA

Need full time preacher for growing congregation in Pulaski, VA. Call Dave Hancock at 540-320-5252 for more details.


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