April 2020 DiscipleTrips Story

Bob Gruner on a DiscipleTripsOn a recent DiscipleTrip to Guatemala, Bob Gruner and the rest of the DiscipleTrip team worked at an orphanage in Guatemala City. In this image, Bob is handing out bags of rice to these beautiful children, however, these children are not orphans. This orphanage is not only involved with helping orphans, but they also help the children and families of their neighborhood. Three times a year the orphanage opens its doors to the children of the community to come and enjoy their facilities and to receive gifts. For two days the DisipleTrip team worked with this orphanage to distribute food, clothing, and toys to the local children. What an amazing experience to see children become excited about receiving food, something we may too often take for granted. Acts 20:35 reminds us of what Jesus said, “It is truly more blessed to give than to receive”.

SIBI Statement Concerning COVID-19

Sunset International Bible Institute (SIBI) would like to inform the public that one of its students has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. The student is a part of our Adventures in Missions (AIM) department (a ministry which trains college age men and women to serve alongside experienced missionaries as apprentices). This is a ministry supported by Churches of Christ. On Saturday evening, March 14th we hosted the graduation of the AIM class of 2020 at the Family Life Center of the Sunset Church of Christ.

March 2020 From Brazil to Mozambique

Minister in Brazil

Brother Mauro Francisco is an evangelist in Curitiba, Brazil. He is a sought after speaker and is a national consultant for leadership development in Brazil. Mauro understood the benefits of providing Solar players in Portuguese, not only in Brazil but also in Mozambique. He had traveled to Mozambique to encourage and educate the brethren there and to share the good news of Christ with those in the Portuguese speaking African nation. He knows how large the task of evangelizing Mozambique is and knows that the Solar player can help to reach areas where he may not ever be able to go.

Much of Mozambique was without electricity and many do not read well enough to understand the Bible in print. The Bible and Bible teaching on the Solar player removes these barriers and enables people to hear God’s Word. After a cyclone devastated the country in the Spring of 2019, much of the nation was without electricity and many were reaching out to God to help them in their distress. This has created a growing need for the Solar players. Rebuilding continues. It’s our hope that Solar players can be a big part of seeking and saving the lost as the people of Mozambique try to put their homes, businesses and lives back together. Brother Mauro hopes to return and be part of this process.   





February 2020 Darrin Bible Joins the Family

Darrin Bible night preaching during a DiscipleTrips

Joining the DiscipleTrips ministry team is Darrin Bible. Darrin is originally from Pueblo, Colorado, where he served as the youth minister for the Southwest Church of Christ for ten years. He started out as an online student with SIBI then moved to Lubbock in 2017 to finish his schooling at SIBI in biblical studies. Darrin and his wife Pearl have been married for 30 years, and they have two children.

January 2020 Mozambique Relief Work

Tim Brumfield doing Relief Work in Mozambique

March 2019 witnessed a powerful cyclone that struck Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi.  The city of Beira was in the direct path of the storm and suffered immensely from the high winds and flooding.  As word spread on Facebook and social media many Christians responded and Sunset immediately established a cyclone relief fund.  Several congregations in Brazil have been involved with mission trips and supporting ministries in Mozambique and they also wanted to assist their brothers and sisters in this time of need.

2019 End of the Year Report

God is doing great things. We want to share with you some great things that God is doing as a result of our partnership together.  

God is Doing Great Things in Lubbock, Texas

Lubbock Student BodyIt’s another great school year at Sunset in Lubbock. As we do each August, we gathered together to take a picture of our whole Sunset family currently studying at the Sunset Church of Christ building. We have more than 185 students this year, including AIMers on the field. There are 22 returning students in Level Two, 25 students in Level One, and 6 students who will, Lord willing, be joining us in January of 2020.

December 2019

Studying in Vietnam

Tran Hang An is a third-generation minister/evangelist working in the nation of Vietnam. It was during the Vietnam war that his grandfather gathered the faithful in hopes of getting everyone to safety.
But before the helicopters could arrive for their rescue, Saigon fell and they were left to fend for themselves during the onslaught of war. During that time those few continued to plant churches and minister as best they could in that war-torn country. Following in his father’s footsteps, Hang An’s father walked a circuit of some 300 km weekly to teach, evangelize, and minister to the lost and Christians living along the way. At his side, the young Hang An would travel with his father, listen to the message being shared, and would soon become a part of the team that would preach, teach and evangelizes much of the southern half of the country.

November 2019

Solar Mission: Portuguese/Creole

The Solar Mission is working to provide 3,000 solar players to all of the Portuguese speaking nations and in Creole to Haiti.

Portuguese is the world’s 5th largest language with a major presence in Africa and South America and in some island nations.

This Portuguese/Creole Solar player effort can reach many people in Africa to aid the rapid growth of the church there, primarily in rural areas. It will help plant new churches in remote parts of Brazil like the Amazon River basin. In the Northeast part of that country, it will help to continue the significant growth of the church. Just as importantly, it will help to follow up with and strengthen churches that are scattered all across Brazil.

Creole is the language of Haiti, one of our close neighboring countries.

Staying Off the Sidelines

SeniorAIMSunset often talks about the exciting things God is doing with young people or with new places or with new opportunities; however, God is not just the God of the young. He is also very much the God of the old. Across our culture and our world, there are millions of people with experience who are marginalized and minimized and characterized by the things they are no longer able to do without regard for the unique gifts and wisdom they possess. SeniorAIM is a ministry at Sunset that contradicts what the world would have us believe about what we are able to do after we retire.

Senior Adventures in Ministry (SeniorAIM) began with its first class at Sunset International Bible Institute in January 1995 with eight students. Since then, the ministry has been blessed with almost 300 students studying for one or more school terms. These students have included men and women, couples and singles. The age range has been from the mid-’40s to over 90 years old. SeniorAIMers have taken the Gospel all over the United States and to many foreign countries. They serve in many areas including preaching, teaching Bible classes, leading VBS, church planting, and more. They speak many languages, including sign language.

Partner Schools Developments

Sunset's Partner School Icon

Sunset has worked over the past two decades to foster relationships with ministry training schools around the world. Over the years, these schools have varied greatly in their origin and even in their stated purposes. Through the years, Sunset has established relationships with partner schools in more than 40 countries. Sunset has helped to start some of these schools, but others have been in existence for many years and have become partners with Sunset only recently. Here are two examples of schools that are partners with Sunset.


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