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Below is a listing of congregations or works where qualified ministers or missionaries are needed. Please advise us when these positions are filled. To add, renew, or remove a listing, please see the yellow information boxes to the left.

Please note that SIBI is unable to verify the accuracy of every listing, and that a listing on this page does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of any kind.

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Full time pulpit minister



The Crosby Church of Christ is accepting applications for full-time pulpit minister. We are a loving and active church family of about 165. We are currently being served by three elders and four deacons. We are situated east of Houston , Texas in a rapidly growing area. We are blessed to have a seasoned youth minister with 14 years experience working with our youth at the present time.
We are looking for an enthusiastic, motivated and faithful gospel preacher, preferably married with children ,to work with us here at Crosby. You’ll be preaching sermons and teaching Bible classes while ministering to the flock and helping evangelize our community and encourage, strengthen, and increase our number. Must have a positive outlook, great communication, and interpersonal skills with the ability to connect with all ages, visit the sick(both physical and spiritual )and conduct Bible studies.
... $70,000 / 3 weeks vacation /parsonage possible
...lectureships or continuing education to be negotiated
...Office hours will be expected
Web site: CrosbyChurchofChrist.com
Please submit resume and if possible link to audio/video sermons to: preacherresumes@crosbychurchofchrist.com

Full Time Minister

Limon church of Christ


We are an active church in the small community of Limon, CO, approximately 1 hour from Denver and Colorado Springs, CO. We are seeking a man that would not only preach, but teach and further our presence in our community. We seek an individual who is spiritually mature, dedicated, grounded in the truth, believes in the power of His grace, and above all else loves the Lord and His church.
For more information, please contact Joe Kiely at (719) 740-2240

Full Time Minister

Pagosa Springs, CO

The Pagosa Springs Church of Christ in Pagosa Springs, Colorado is looking for a full time preaching minister to continue with the work of the church. We are an established congregation but still have much outreach and mission work to do. The minister must be willing to faithfully preach God’s word from diligent study, work with adults as well as community youth and children in outreach activities, and lead Bible studies from outreach. For more information contact Mike Ferguson (970-749-3404) or Johnny Hewitt (970-398-0082). To apply send a cover letter and resume to Pagosa Springs Church of Christ, PO Box 251, Pagosa Springs, CO

Fulltime Pulpit Minister

LaFollette Church of Christ

Lafollette Church of Christ is located in Campbell County TN. We are a church of over 80 members who is looking to grow and focus on youth and young families. We are seeking a fulltime minister who places allegiance to God and the inerrancy of scripture above all else. Would prefer a married man with a family. Prefer 3-5 years of experience in ministry or church work. Prefer completion of formal training in ministry/preaching with documentation. Would like someone who is tech savvy able to use a computer, audio visual equipment and social media. Looking for someone who is a go-getter and will work with elders to grow the church in our community. Want minister to work 20 hours a week in church office on sermons/church duties and spend 20 hours in community evangelizing and visiting members. Please contact David Longmire one of our elders at his email 4auction@longmirerealty.net (please submit a resume, recommendations, and video or MP3 of past sermons)

Pulpit Minister

Sallisaw Church of Christ

www. sallisawcofc.com

The Sallisaw Church of Christ in Sallisaw, OK is accepting applicants for the position of Pulpit Minister. We prefer a man with a minimum of 5 years of experience but all candidates will be evaluated on their own merits. A Bible / Ministry degree is preferred but sufficient experience in pulpit ministry may suffice. We are a congregation of around 130 people served by 3 elders, 5 deacons and a part-time youth minister. Responsibilities include preaching, teaching, coordinating our small group ministry and other normal ministerial duties. Please send resumes / CV to Dodsonmunro@yahoo.com.


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