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Preaching Evangelist

Salina Church of Christ

Full-Time Ministry Position
Preaching Evangelist
Summary: The Preaching Evangelist will be expected to function within the spiritual framework of ministry as described in God's word. He shall function in his duties directly under the oversight of the elders and in collaboration with a fellow Associate Evangelist and church secretary. His primary duties shall be in the areas of preaching, adult education, evangelism, and overall congregational care.
Basic Work Responsibilities
1. Preach weekly AM sermons and 2 - 3 times a month PM sermons
2. Teach Bible classes on Sunday or Wednesday night
3. Assist in leading a LIFE group which meets two times a month
4. Maintain a close working relationship with elders, deacons, and full-time staff members
5. Keep regular office hours and conduct all ministerial activities (teaching, staff meetings, counseling, visitation, weddings, funerals, LIFE group leader etc.) in a godly and professional manner.
6. Visit regularly in the hospital and homes
7. Promote and support all "congregational" programs and activities
8. Devote adequate time to allow for diligent study and preparation of God's word, personal spiritual formation, and care for family.
9. Fulfill the ministry of an Evangelist (2 Timothy 4:5)
1. Male
2. Age: 35 to 55 years of age, but spiritual maturity is the primary consideration
3. Married - with a wife who is supportive and desires to be actively involved in the ministry of the Salina church family.
4. Children (preferred, but willing to consider ALL qualified candidates)
5. Doctrinally and morally sound
6. Education: Formal spiritual preparation for ministry through a recognized Christian College/University or School of Preaching associated with churches of Christ.
7. Good work ethic, self-motivated, willing to lead
8. Ability and willingness to teach the Word of God
9. Desires to work with and relate to all ages of people
10. Compatible with Elders, Deacons, and Staff - sees himself as a team-oriented individual

Salary: Negotiable

Description of Congregation:

Salina church of Christ is a mainline, Biblically based congregation made up of a diverse group of disciples (between 150-165 on average, in Sunday morning attendance) who love the Lord, one another, and the lost in a community of about 49,000. The congregation is led by three spiritually minded elders and five servant minded deacons who minister in the areas of: finance, youth ministry, building and grounds and evangelism. There is currently one full time co- evangelist serving primarily in the area of young adults and youth in the congregation. The Salina church of Christ is a very active, mission supporting congregation with an excellent blend of mature members as well as a healthy number youth and young families. We have a very unique mortgage free facility to worship, study and fellowship in on 13 acres of land in the north part of town. We are looking for a minister of the Word and His family to...come and GROW with us!

Contact Information:

Elders or Robert levis - Salina church of Christ

1646 N. 9th Street
Salina, KS 67401
785-827-2957 (Office)
916-878-7934 (Robert Levis)


George West church of christ

Seeking Full Time Minister

A 50 member congregation in George West TX, located between San Antonio, TX and Corpus Christi, TX with a city population of approximately 2,000. We are a middle of the road congregation, not hung up on tradition but sensibly open minded. Seeking a full time minister to work with congregation and be know to community. Congregation has 3 elders & 2 deacons. Salary and use of 3/2 parsonage. At present site since 1931. Please contact Rodney Wilson at 361-449-3084 or George West Church of Christ, PO Box 896, George West, TX 78022

Youth and Family Minister

Azle church of Christ

The Azle church of Christ, located in a thriving community NW of Fort Worth, TX, is a 200-member congregation prayerfully seeking a full-time Youth and Family Minister (hereafter YFM) to partner with our elders, deacons, minister, and the congregation in serving our children and youth. We seek a young man, preferably with a family, with a passion for leading young people into a life-changing walk with Jesus Christ. The YFM is focused on the spiritual nurturing of our children, involving their parents, to reflect the glory of our Lord. This ministry leader works as part of a team with the other staff members, elders and deacons to promote enthusiasm and involvement in education, service and worship. By children and Youth, we mean encouraging, nurturing and assisting in the spiritual development of all ages under 18.

The man seeking this position should be mature, experienced, with a great love for God and His people, eager to "Live-Teach-Preach" sound Biblical doctrine, and the Whole Counsel of GOD and a strong desire to spread God's word. Looking for a young man who loves the Lord, His Word, and His children, especially the younger ones. Must be self disciplined and a self starter.

The Azle church believes in the Bible as the inspired and infallible Word of God and in its sufficiency as our only rule of faith and practice (2 Timothy 3:15-16; Hebrews 4:12).

Responsibilities include leading the youth group by developing relationships with each youth group member and their families, bonding and encouraging a strong identity and a sense of belonging, teaching them to follow and exhibit the mind and attitude of Christ. We want our youth to personally know Jesus and His Word. He will teach and coordinate High School and Middle School Bible Classes. Develop, promote and lead youth activities, select and prepare curriculum for grades 6 to 12.

Salary from $45K to $50K gross.


Candidate must have:
- A minimum of a Bachelor's degree from an accredited college, university or preacher training school; or have equivalent experience working in youth ministry.
- Demonstrate an understanding and commitment to the good news of Jesus Christ, His Word, and a love for Christ's church.
- Solid commitment to the authority of the Scriptures.
- A heart that desires to see youth saved.
- The ability and aptitude to work with the youth's parents in establishing rapport and service activities.
-Organizational skills, including the ability to work administratively.


Dalhart Church of Christ, 1420 Denver Ave, Dalhart, TX 79022

The Dalhart church is currently seeking one or two full-time ministers. Our present minister is retiring after a long and successful career in the pulpit.

Dalhart is a growing community of approximately 10,000 located in the northwest panhandle of Texas. It is an agriculture community heavily invested in farming, ranching, beef and pork production, and has one of the largest cheese factories in America. It is less than 4 hours to some of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the Rockies.
We are a congregation of approximately 80 that is motivated to be one of the most dynamic congregations in the Panhandle. We are blessed to have 5 elders and 5 deacons who are active and dedicated to the growth of the church in Dalhart. We are seeking a candidate who is willing to be committed to and is able to inspire new growth in the church through involvement and evangelism. Our emphasis is toward someone who is energetic, spiritually and scripturally sound, and who will work with leadership to formulate a strategic plan to evangelize the community and surrounding area. It would be advantageous if the applicant has a young family that can grow with him and become part of the community. Should an individual be interested and has a close friend who would wish to join him as a team, we would be highly interested. There is much work to be done.

The team will assist us in the development of a comprehensive evangelism program, community support initiatives, congregational involvement expansion, and community biblical education. We are anticipating the development of an expanded Spanish ministry beginning in the fall. Additionally, our prison ministry of 23 years is led by one of our deacons. He has developed it into a comprehensive and successful prison ministry using the New Life Behavior Program. It is our hope to develop a unique women’s and children’s program to encourage biblical studies in the community. Many of the congregations in the panhandle are small, thus, it is our desire to help in the formulation of activities that will lead to joint efforts in the spread of the gospel in our area.

We have a strong emphasis on missions. Our women have developed a recognized and expansive mission of help for the New Mexico Christian Children’s Home and the Chimala Missions and Hospital in Tanzania, Africa called, “Ministry of the Cloth.” We are also extensively involved with the foundational work in Kumanii, Ecuador, a tropical rain forest evangelist effort.

As is apparent, we are committed to the spreading of the gospel and need individuals who are dedicated to the cause of Christ. Should you or your team be interested in this exciting opportunity, please contact: J. Dwight Gray, 806-249-9798 or 806-333-9795 or

Preacher / Evangelist

North Fort Bend Church of Christ

We are a startup congregation looking for a full-time evangelist. We have seen growth in number and in spirit and desire to accelerate that growth. We do not own facilities and do not have elders yet. We are located in one of the fastest growing communities in the U.S. This is a great opportunity for someone willing to evangelize, preach and be a servant to the community. Please send resume to


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