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Below is a listing of congregations or works where qualified ministers or missionaries are needed. Please advise us when these positions are filled. To add, renew, or remove a listing, please see the yellow information boxes to the left.

Please note that SIBI is unable to verify the accuracy of every listing, and that a listing on this page does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of any kind.

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Pulpit Minister

3rd & Kilgore Church of Christ

We would consider ourselves to be “mainstream”, though such labels are of little concern to us. Our desire is to be a Spirit led church.
We believe in the restoration principles of our spiritual forefathers, and yet we also feel that restoration is an ongoing process and responsibility for each individual and each generation.
We know that our society is changing in many ways. Our goal is to be open to changes that can help us to be a relevant force in our changing world. But, we insist that changes must continue to be Bible based.
We believe that men are responsible for the public roles in worship and yet we know that we need to revisit the traditional roles of women in the church that have been in place for over a century.
We are not tradition bound, yet we do not believe in change for the sake of change.
Job Description
Weekly Duties:
Sunday morning sermon: Prepare and deliver 20-30 minute sermon for the instruction and edification of the church, according to scripture. Some lesson series may need to be planned to coordinate with the year’s theme. Other lesson series at preacher’s discretion with direction of elders.
Sunday night lesson: Prepare and deliver Sunday evening lesson to congregation during summer months, and 4th Sundays Sept- May, when small groups meet together at the building.
Sunday Morning Bible Class; Prepare and deliver 45 minute Bible study for adults, for 3-4 quarters of the year.
Ladies Bible Class: direct bible study series for ladies Sept – May; 9:30-10:30 Tues Mornings.
Wednesday Night: Deliver 5-10 minute devo for opening assembly. Teach Adult Bible class 2-3 quarters of the year.
Office Hours: Maintain daily hours in church office during 4 weekdays. This time to be used for: Sermon preparation, bulletin article writing, walk-in benevolent support, counseling, planning & coordination of church programs, visitation..
Weekly Email Report to Elders: Summarize weekly events, visits, contacts, concerns, and lesson points.
Monthly Duties:
Heartland Nursing Home Devotional: coordinate with Heartland activities director and organize individuals to deliver devotional and song service for regularly scheduled monthly 30 minute service at local nursing home.
Seasonal Duties:
Life Groups: September – May; Administrate, organize group leaders, and prepare weekly discussion guides for small groups for the first three weeks of each month. Meet regularly/monthly/quarterly with group leaders to assess needs.
Church Retreat: Coordinate Committee to plan church retreat 1st weekend in August. Designate members to oversee/facilitate/organize/secure venue, advertising, lodging, payment, food, registration, special activities, singing, technology, equipment, children’s activities, teen activities.
Vacation Bible School; Provide support at the building for yearly VBS activities; participate in teaching for adults or children.
Other Ministerial Duties:
Visitation: of sick, shut-in, and grieving members in homes and hospitals…
Counseling: Meet with individuals, families, and couples for Godly advice and scriptural instruction based on emergent needs. Refer more acute cases to professional faith-based counseling services.
Funeral Service/Preaching: Visit member families during loss. Help coordinate funeral plans & communicate with funeral dinner service coordinators. Prepare and deliver funeral messages.
Media Preparation/ Support/ Social Media Contact: Develop power point for lessons when appropriate. Develop printed lesson hand-outs when appropriate. Develop weekly printed thematic small group discussion guides & email to group leaders. Assist in development of podcast recording, website updates, assist in management of sound system and media when needed, assist in church website maintenance,
Growth & Improvement:
Personal: Regular reflection based on self and elder evaluation.
Congregational: Meet weekly and as needed with the elders.

Jim Chandler
1701 East 3rd
Portales, NM 88130

Full Time Preaching Minister, Elgin IL

Westside Church of Christ, Elgin, IL

We are looking for a Biblically sound minister to share our vision to evangelize our community. We desire a minister who loves to fellowship with the saints, work side by side, and develop relationships allowing us to serve each other with joy. The man we seek will be able to deliver Biblical lessons appropriate for new converts and mature Christians.

Our congregation of 60 actively supports a children’s home, missionaries, and operates a local food pantry. Benefits include a 3 bedroom parsonage adjoining the church property. Primary duties include Sunday morning and evening sermons and 1 adult class. Please send an introductory letter, resume, 2 sermons (cd/electronic), and 3 references to the elders at:
Westside Elders
PO Box 6687
Elgin, IL 60121

Or email inquiries or apply at:

Youth Minister

Rockport Church of Christ

The candidate will work with youth and families of all ages, with emphasis given towards the teen group. Priorities include organizing and maintaining a calendar, teaching, and evangelizing in the local community and working well with church staff. Submit resume and references to

Pulpit Minister

Wheeler Church of Christ

We are a congregation of the Lord's church, with a desire to worship and serve Him in a very Biblical way. We stress the power of God's grace and encourage the continued growth in active obedient faith among all members of the Lord's body. We seek to do the entire will of the Father as manifested in the Scriptures and respect the silence thereof. We are non-instrumental and believe firmly in essentiality of repentance and baptism for eternal salvation. We are looking for a pulpit minister with these same values and a desire to embrace our small community with a zeal for evangelism. Our preference would be to find a married man with some experience as a fulltime preacher, with a Biblical degree and a deep knowledge of the scriptures. Our 125 member congregation is diverse in background and age. We have many young families, who will be a major focus of our mutual efforts. We have two elders, Buck Dollar and myself. Please consider our pulpit position. If you know of a minister who would be a good match for us other than yourself, please put him in contact with us. We know the Lord will be active in our search; and may He richly bless your endeavors as well.


Boise City Church of Christ

We are a small a cappella congregation of 15-20 looking for a biblically-sound preacher.
We can provide a 3-bedroom parsonage and a salary.

Call Wendell Burton, 580-544-3083 for more information.


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