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Below is a listing of congregations or works where qualified ministers or missionaries are needed. Please advise us when these positions are filled. To add, renew, or remove a listing, please see the yellow information boxes to the left.

Please note that SIBI is unable to verify the accuracy of every listing, and that a listing on this page does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of any kind.

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Pulpit Preacher

Salisbury Chuch of Christ


The Salisbury church of Christ, located in Salisbury, MD, is currently seeking a dynamic, full time gospel preacher, eager to help meet the needs of our congregation while assisting in the spreading of the Good News to the surrounding community. We are a congregation of approximately 35, looking to grow both spiritually and numerically. We currently have no elders or deacons, and are at present being led by the active male members of the congregation. It is preferred, but not required, that applicants have preaching experience, and are married with children. The ideal applicant is knowledgeable and mature in the Word, is a steadfast defender of all Biblical Truths, and is able to perceive and dismantle false-doctrine when confronted with it. Responsibilities of the minister would include preaching, teaching, evangelism, visitation during the week, regular office hours at the building, in-home Bible studies with members and non-members, and fellowshipping with the saints. A competitive, negotiable salary will be offered. Housing will not be provided by the congregation at this time.

To apply, please email your resume along with links to any video sermons you may have (youtube, vimeo, etc.) to office@churchofchristsalisbury.org


Northside Church of Christ, Beebe

We are a congregation of about 80 members. We have 2 Elders, recently installed. We are located about 35 miles north of Little Rock, AR and 15 miles south of Searcy, AR [Harding University], a town of 7200 population.
We are searching for a full time pulpit minister who speaks where the Bible speaks and is silent where the Bible is silent. Who recognize the Inspired Word [Bible] as the final authority in all spiritual matters.
Married man age 30 to 45 years and has children. Relates to all ages , outgoing personality, and studies hard [preparation of lessons].
All who have an interest will be considered.
Deliver message at Sunday AM and PM services, and teach Wed. night class.
Visit the sick, shut-ins and erring of the congregation, as well as visitors.
Involved in outreach of the community.

For more information contact:
Northside Church of Christ
924 Access Rd.
Beebe, AR 72012

Mack Rose
Ph# 501-288-1155
Email mackrose@sbcglobal.net

Youth and Family Minister

Thomaston Road Church of Christ

The Thomaston Road church of Christ in Macon, GA is looking to fill the position of a Youth and Family Minister. He will work under the guidance of the elders and coordinate his effors with a deacon, youth committee, adult volunteers, parents and the youth (grades 6-12). TRCOC is currently a family of 230-250 members. For more information, please contact treyjenkins68@gmail.com or j.cantrell.5765@gmail.com.

Full time pulpit minister

Crosby Church of Christ

The Crosby Church of Christ is accepting applications for full-time pulpit minister. We are a loving and active church family of about 165. We are currently being served by three elders and four deacons. We are situated east of Houston , Texas in a rapidly growing area. We are blessed to have a seasoned youth minister with 14 years experience working with our youth at the present time.
We are looking for an enthusiastic, motivated and faithful gospel preacher, preferably married with children ,to work with us here at Crosby. You’ll be preaching sermons and teaching Bible classes while ministering to the flock and helping evangelize our community and encourage, strengthen, and increase our number. Must have a positive outlook, great communication, and interpersonal skills with the ability to connect with all ages, visit the sick(both physical and spiritual )and conduct Bible studies.
... $70,000 / 3 weeks vacation /parsonage possible
...lectureships or continuing education to be negotiated
...Office hours will be expected
Web site: CrosbyChurchofChrist.com
Please submit resume and if possible link to audio/video sermons to: preacherresumes@crosbychurchofchrist.com


Northside Church of Christ

The Northside Church of Christ is located in the small town of Bismarck in east central Illinois, near the IL/IN border. We seek a new minister for our church family, which averages 30-35 on Sunday mornings. The church has been established in the community for over 100 years, owns the building and minister's home, and has two elders and two deacons appointed. Salary and benefits will be negotiated by the elders with the successful candidate. If interested in applying, please send the following: letter of interest/introduction, video/audio sample of sermon(s), complete resume of employment/education experience including three references regarding your preaching/church membership (include name, contact information, and relationship to the applicant). Mail should be directed to Northside Church of Christ, P.O. Box 199,, Bismarck, IL 61814


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