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Riverton Church of Christ

The Riverton, Wyoming Church of Christ is looking for a preacher, either full or part time, depending on what is the best fit for the preacher and the congregation.
The Riverton Church has a new building that is about 1/2 mile out of Riverton and has an active congregation of from 50 to 75 members every Sunday.
Riverton is a town of a tad over 10,000. It may seem to some to be in the "middle of nowhere", but that's why we love it here. Hunting and fishing at it's best. And there are many job opportunities for a preacher that wants to be part time and work at something else as well.
Our preacher of 20 years just passed away after battling cancer. There are 7-8 men that can preach and are filling in until the right one comes along. If interested, you may call, email or text me, the Church treasure, as
Larry Mathews
Cell # (307) 851-6948

Youth and Family Minister

Kings Orchard Church of Christ

Kings Orchard Church of Christ

Summary Job Description: Youth and Family Minister

Kings Orchard Church of Christ Youth and Family Minister’s primary purpose is to work with our young people in their walk with God by providing Bible based classes and activities He will also serve as a resource for our families as they lead their child’s spiritual development. He will work at the Elders’ direction, with the Minister and the Deacon of Youth and Family to oversee the ministry and outreach to middle school and high school students.

Key Responsibilities

1. Focused Work in the Youth Group. Responsibilities include:
• Develop goals and objectives for the Youth Group in line with the congregational strategic plan. These are to be shared with the Elders and utilized to measure actual performance.
• Assess the Youth Ministry needs and develop curriculum, programs and activities to meet those needs with input from the Elders.
• Develop student leadership training (e.g., youth leaders, worship training)
• Provide Bible-based teaching in the Youth Group and in the congregation.
• Develop and maintain a climate for students that is safe, supportive and cultivates spiritual growth.
• Maintain an open dialogue with the parents of youth to address specific personal and spiritual needs of students as they arise.
• Encourage youth and families through one-on-one or small group meetings, hospital visits, school events or other connections appropriate to the circumstances.
• Coordinate camp and youth rally attendance for our youth as well as use it as an outreach ministry.
• Assist the Minister with seasonal or periodic workloads that will benefit the congregation and help it to move forward.
• Provide backup for the Minister in the event of an emergency or vacation.
• Participate in the community in order to project the congregation’s missions, values and vision.
• Write articles for the church bulletin regarding the Youth Ministry.
• Train senior high boys and girls to take an active role in teaching or co-teaching elementary school Bible classes, etc.
• Teach and engage the student body toward a sincere prayer life, Bible study, and genuine spiritual growth.
• Create and maintain a system of youth retention, engagement and recruitment.

2. Administrative Duties:

• Youth and Family Minister is to be in concert with overall congregational goals and plans.
• Develop and manage the annual youth budget, working with the Youth and Family deacon.
• Participate in weekly Elders meetings

Requirements: (Preferred)
• Married with an active and supportive wife
• BA/BS degree (Bible college or similar institution preferred)
• Bilingual in English and Spanish
• 3+ years of previous youth ministry experience with a proven track record of success
• Insurable driving record & valid driver’s license
• Background check will be required for any candidate considered for the position.
(Three References required)

Contact Information:
Send cover letter and resume to:

Kings Orchard Church of Christ
P.O. Box 1019
Wenatchee, Washington 98807
Website is

Or email to one of our elders,
Mike Hill at

Full-time Minister

Hemphill church of Christ

The congregation of Hemphill church of Christ is presently seeking a full-time gospel preacher for our small but dedicated membership of about 40 individuals with average attendance of 35 to 50 people.

Hemphill, Texas is located in deep east Texas 10 miles from Toledo Bend reservoir on the east and 30 miles from Sam Rayburn Lake on the west. We enjoy a church­ centered family membership and are active in the excellent school system and community activities of its multi-cultured citizens.

We furnish a 3-bedroom, 2 ½ bath brick home located about one mile from the church building, and a really nice office in the building for our preacher. Salary is negotiable and competitive.

Applicants please send detailed resume, along with a picture if possible to:
Hemphill Church of Christ
P.O. Box 1923
Hemphill, Texas 75948

For questions, you may contact: email- or phone-409-787-2625 and leave a message.

Pulpit Minister

Church of Chist of West Chester

The Church of Christ of West Chester was established in 1952 and strives to worship God in accordance with the biblical commandments founded by God and Jesus Christ, and the inspired writers of the New Testament. Ever seeking, by the grace of God and the gifts of Holy Spirit, to teach and preach the Gospel and advance the Holiness of all brethren in Christian fellowship.

We seek a minister with a minimum of 5 years experience in the pulpit and a minimum of BA in bible.

It is the ministers responsibility to preach the Gospel and to teach sound biblical doctrine for the edification of the Lords Church and the “body”, and to evangelize.

The West Chester congregation has two elders and 1 deacon to help “shepherd the flock”, and a weekly gathering of 30 saints at this time.

Gerry Davis, Elder
Church of Christ of West Chester PA.

Benefits include:

Salary base of $35K +benefits of $35K. Total value of $65K

Parsonage: Church owned, well maintained 4 BR, 2.5 bath, single family Ranch home within walking distance of church, in West Chester suburbs


Crystal beach Christ of christ

Crystal beach texas is a beach tourist community
Church has 20 or so members. Looking for a young
Energized person as this is a mission field
Less than 4 year old building. Lots of work to do
If you envision going to Ninevah and preaching on the waterfront. Here's your home You can call jerry nelson at 409 838 7230 or email


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