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Below is a listing of congregations or works where qualified ministers or missionaries are needed. Please advise us when these positions are filled. To add, renew, or remove a listing, please see the yellow information boxes to the left.

Please note that SIBI is unable to verify the accuracy of every listing, and that a listing on this page does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of any kind.

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Youth and Family Minister

Blackwell Church of Christ


The Blackwell Church of Christ in Blackwell, OK is looking for a Youth & Family minister to help us reboot a vital program to the future of our congregation. We are a congregation with an average attendance of 135 with 17 (6 thru 12th grade) and 10 (2nd-5th grade) youth from our church families. Our congregation has started a training program called “24 to Double” and our vision team has placed a lot of emphasis on the need for a healthy youth program. This year we are graduating 7 seniors, creating a small void between upper classman and lower classman. Responsibilities would include emphasis on recruiting and engaging youth from newer families to the program along with coordinating devotionals and events as well as teaching Bible classes offered to these age groups. Opportunities would include participating in worship through song leading and occasional preaching. The ideal candidate would agree to work closely with the preaching minister and administrative assistant in contributing to the task of promoting church growth through presentation software, internet exposure, video editing/online streaming, bulletin publication, etc. Along with a salary, we provide a 2-bedroom home with all utilities paid. If interested, you may contact Lanny Jobe at (580) 789-1029 or email us at blackwellcoc@yahoo.com for further information.


Church of Christ, New Richmond

The Church of Christ in New Richmond, Wisconsin is a small non instrumental congregation with an average attendance of twenty. With a zeal for sound doctrine and a strong belief in the repentance of sin through baptism as the means to salvation, we are in search of an evangelist who is sound in the faith and is seeking to engage in the challenge of spreading God’s word in a growing community.

The church here is looking for an evangelist who is sound in the faith and has an earnest desire to preach to save souls in efforts to build the congregation by installing all positions of the church including deacons and elders to a completion of biblical standards.

Due to financial limitation, we are able to offer partial support of $ 3000.00 per month at this time. We are open to one working outside of the church as a means of obtaining a full income.

Upon interest in the Lord’s work here in New Richmond, Wisconsin, please submit your resume to churchofchristnr@gmail.com. Should you have any further questions and or thoughts regarding the position available, feel free to contact Mark Knutson, member, at 715 497-7596. Feel free to visit us at www.cocnr.com.

Full-Time Pulpit Minister

Metro church of Christ

The Metro Church of Christ in suburban Portland, Oregon is seeking a full-time Pulpit Minister. Because we are embarking on a fresh emphasis on evangelism, the ideal candidate will have a record of successful outreach to those in their community who don't know Jesus Christ. He will also be expected to frequently teach Bible classes and be deeply involved in congregational life. While preference will be given to those with extensive ministry experience, those with limited experience will also be considered. Metro is a well-established, loving congregation of 300 with a stable, functional Eldership, and a long history of unity. Our community impact is seen in our outreach to those challenged by poverty, a growing Hispanic ministry, and our long standing support of foreign missions. Our Pulpit Minister would join our Associate Minister, Community Care Minister and Youth Minister in serving God's kingdom in this challenging secular culture. Those interested in working with this special place called Metro, should send a resume' and electronic copies of recent sermons to applicants@metrocofc.org.

Full or Part Time Preacher Needed

Oakland Church of Christ


The church of Christ in Oakland, MD 21550 is seeking a full or part time minister whose duties will include pulpit, class, and evangelism. The church has been established for approximately 40 years and although small is biblically grounded, energetic, and puts a strong emphasis on evangelism. We are dedicated to the NT biblical pattern of doctrine and worship.
The church is located in Western MD in a beautiful rural area with many visitors drawn to Deep Creek Lake in the summer and skiing in the winter. Oakland is a pleasant peaceful town with good schools, and low crime. The area enjoy four season beauty and is close to several state parks.
For further information about the church, please visit our website oaklandmdchurchofchrist.org. Also you can call Russ Sanders at 304-789-6450, or Chuck Current at 304-789-5458. If you are interested please forward your resume and at least two sermons to our email account oaklandmdcoc@gmail.com

Full-Time Pulpit Preacher


Job Description and How to Apply are posted to our website under the Preacher Search link.


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