Here Am I. Send Me to Mexico, City

The SOSAS going to Mexico | Raising funds

Who are we?
We are Mexican citizens and have been married four years. Before we moved to Lubbock Texas, both of us were working in our respective professions: Abi worked as an Assistant of Research in Public Health for the Mexican Federal Government and I worked as a Business Intelligence Consultant at Axa Insurances. Both of us were born and raised in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. Abi grew up in a Christian family and I was converted to the gospel of Christ five years ago. We met each other when we were pursuing our bachelors  degree in the University of Yucatan. Our love for the  Lord, our eagerness to study His word and our desire to  serve brought us to Lubbock to study for the Bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies at SIBI.

Why Mexico?
People in Mexico City are searching and the doors are wide open for the True gospel to be taught. The country of Mexico is predominantly Catholic. However, the upcoming generation tends to be less loyal to the Catholic faith and is searching. We believe this is an opportune time to reach those who are disenchanted with what they have always known. It is an opportune time to share the truth of God's word. 

What are we going to do? 

Central Library, UNAM.

The Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) (National Autonomous University of Mexico) is a public research university in Mexico City. It is the largest university in Latin America. This university has an enrollment of approximately 345,000 students and almost 39,000 faculty and staff. What could be the impact of evangelistic outreach on the university campus?  We want to reach as many people as we can and there are many young people in Mexico City. They are key influences in their families. Touching just 1% of this number could made a huge impact in this society. Students at this age struggle with issues: social media, bullying, and the loss of identity. 
Our vision is to create an environment on the college campus where we can share the word of God while showing the great love that He has for us, and in this way to transmit the concept of salvation through Jesus Christ and the eternal promise that we have in him.

This work is very ambitious and very large to do it alone. We are blessed by being surrounded by people who are equipped to help us to accomplish this work. We are going to join an existing team working at Mexico City.
Lalo & Jamie Rocha and Israel & Nelly Molina have been working now for several years as church planters in Mexico City. Princeton & Danny Palmer joined in May 2015 focused to work as AIM coordinators. Mike and Kim Cantrell joined in April 2015. This deaf couple is working with the deaf in Mexico City and and will start a deaf congregation with plans to meet in the same building as the hearing.

Mexico City Team

We are looking for partners who want to be part of this work. Are you interested in help us? CONTACT US!!!