Currently all chapels are broadcasted and recorded on our YouTube page. This list is audio from chapels from 2007-2013. You can also subscribe to the current chapels as a podcast.


04/17/09 Senior Sermon (Darrell Chappell) Listen
04/20/09 Senior Sermon (Patrick Garcia) Listen
04/16/09 Senior Sermon (Matt Cameron) Listen
04/15/09 Senior Sermon (Aaron Bell) Listen
04/24/09 What Is Our Focus? (Ken Wilson) Listen
04/23/09 Senior Sermon (Ken Xie) Listen
04/13/09 Senior Sermon (Kevin Smith) Listen
04/10/09 Run the Race (Victor Ellison) Listen
04/06/09 Are You a Christian (Jim Harris) Listen
04/04/09 An Exhortation (Doyle Gilliam) Listen
04/03/09 An Example in Purity (Don DeLukie) Listen
04/03/09 An Example in Faith (Chuck Ball) Listen
04/02/09 An Example in Love (Trey Morgan) Listen
04/02/09 An Example in Daily Living (Randy Couchman) Listen
04/02/09 An Example in Speech (Edward Myers) Listen
04/01/09 A Call to be Good Ministers (Nat Cooper) Listen
04/01/09 Fellow Heirs (Gerald Paden) Listen
03/09/09 Preach Jesus (Jerry Tallman) Listen
03/03/09 Missions in the Local Church (Jay Jarboe) Listen
02/27/09 Evangelism (Jerry Tallman) Listen


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