Currently all chapels are broadcasted and recorded on our YouTube page. This list is audio from chapels from 2007-2013. You can also subscribe to the current chapels as a podcast.


04/11/12 Talking to Our World (Chris Swinford) Listen
04/09/12 The Beautiful Bride of Christ (Jerry Tallman) Listen
03/29/12 The Campbells (Alex Flood) Listen
03/28/12 Restoration (Ron Bontrager) Listen
03/26/12 Survival (Bob Winkler) Listen
03/08/12 A True Story (Robert Reid) Listen
03/06/12 Faith (Matthew Wojcik) Listen
03/06012 Faith (Mario Chavez) Listen
03/02/12 Creation vs Evolution (Kirt Martin) Listen
02/27/12 Creation (Kirt Martin) Listen
02/16/12 Adoption (Richard Cravy) Listen
12/15/11 Senior Sermon (Bryson Carroll) Listen
12/14/11 Senior Sermon (Matthew Bogue) Listen
12/12/11 Senior Sermon (Priestley Nkhonjera) Listen
12/09/11 Senior Sermon (Marcus Campbell) Listen
12/01/11 Authority (Terry Fanning) Listen
11/15/11 Thankful For My Children (Ray Young) Listen
11/14/11 Thankful For My Parents (Ron Bontrager) Listen
11/8/11 Homes Churches (Graig Stevens) Listen
11/7/11 Kingdom Minded (Mike Bingham) Listen


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