Currently all chapels are broadcasted and recorded on our YouTube page. This list is audio from chapels from 2007-2013. You can also subscribe to the current chapels as a podcast.


04/25/08 Senior Sermon (Brad Beckett) Listen
04/16/08 Treasures In Jars of Clay (Ben Myers) Listen
04/24/08 Senior Sermon (Larry Bates) Listen
04/23/08 Senior Sermon (Lonn Baker) Listen
04/22/08 Senior Sermon (Brian Baell) Listen
04/21/08 Senior Sermon (Matthew Palmer) Listen
04/17/08 Work On Your Heart (John Risse) Listen
04/18/08 The Heart of the Gray Eagle (Truman Scott) Listen
04/18/08 A Heart for the Word of God (Dayton Keesee) Listen
04/18/08 A Heart For Local Evangelism (Ted Kell) Listen
04/18/08 A Heart for the Lord's Church (Royce Sartain) Listen
04/18/08 A Heart For World Missions (Tex Williams) Listen
04/18/08 Victory Celebration Speech (Dr. Lynn Mc Millon) Listen
04/19/08 A Heart for the Future of Sunset (Truitt Adair) Listen
04/10/08 Kingdom Dreams (Dr. J. J. Turner) Listen
04/04/08 Loving the Lost (Gary Bradley) Listen
04/03/08 Balaam's Error (Dewey Howard) Listen
04/01.08 Staying Focused in a Very Unfocused World (Tony Dominguez) Listen
03/12/08 Be a Man of God (Truitt Adair) Listen
03/06/08 Restoring Visable Christianity (Dwight Whitsett) Listen


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