Currently all chapels are broadcasted and recorded on our YouTube page. This list is audio from chapels from 2007-2013. You can also subscribe to the current chapels as a podcast.


11/17/08 Tears for the Church (Richard Cravy) Listen
11/06/08 Trading Places With Jesus (Gerald Paden) Listen
11/04/08 Tears for the Lost (Doug Reeves) Listen
10/23/08 The Cross, an Oxymoron (Ray Young) Listen
10/02/08 Advanced Homiletics (Robin Vick, Justin Cardwell, Darrell Chappell and Lalo Rocha) Listen
10/07/08 Advanced Homiletics (Recardo Reyes, Ken Walters, Luis Melendez and Franklin Smith) Listen
10/09/08 Advanced Homiletics (Kevin Smith, Taylor Robles and John Pratt Listen
10/06/08 Stand Firm (Mark Engel) Listen
9/30/08 Shepherding the Flock (Monty Pettyjohn) Listen
9/20/08 Mission Australia (Dwight Whitsett) Listen
09/18/08 AIM Chapel One Purpose (Matt Hoadley) Listen
09/17/08 AIM Chapel One Family Listen
09/16/08 Shepherding the Flock (Stuart Jones) Listen
9/15/08 Jesus, God's Own Son (Terry Fanning) Listen
09/08/08 How Great Thou Art (Ed Wharton) Listen
08/28/08 How Great Thou Art (Doyle Gilliam) Listen
08/27/08 AIM/History/Message (Kris Smith) Listen
08/21/08 A Heart for Transformation (Jay Jarboe) Listen
08/20/08 A Heart for the Next Generation (Jeff Smith) Listen
08/19/08 A Heart for the Church (Rodney Roberts) Listen


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