Senior Adventures in Ministry

Senior Adventures in Ministry (SeniorAIM) is a ministry for senior citizens in the Lord's body. Students study the scriptures and Bible related topics in detail with emphases given to their exact meaning. This gives seniors a greater understanding of God's word and how it applies in our life today.

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SeniorAIM is designed to:

  • Encourage seniors to use life experiences and talents for God's Kingdom.
  • Edify yourself and others by gaining a greater understanding of scriptures.
  • Enable seniors to use your God-given talents.

Who Can Benefit Most from Senior Adventures in Ministry?

SeniorAIM benefits retirees who want to enhance and sharpen their Bible knowledge so they can be more effective in the teaching and mentoring individuals. As a Christian senior, you can use your abundance of life's experiences and knowledge gained through SeniorAIM to be more involved in your congregation with greater confidence.

Why enroll in Senior AIM?

  • Experience in-depth study of God's Word
  • Multiple topics and class options
  • Share knowledge of Jesus' message
  • Broaden worldview
  • Use and increase talents

When are courses offered?

  • Four semesters per year
  • Mid-August through mid-October
  • Mid-October through mid-December
  • Early January through early March
  • Mid-March through mid-May
Stuart Jones
Stuart Jones
Brain Garnett
Brian Garnett

What courses are offered?

Courses change each year. Below are the current courses

For the 2017-2018 School Year:

  • 1st Term - Book of Jeremiah (with Brian Garnett) and Mark-the GO Gospel (with Stuart Jones)
  • 2nd Term - The Church in History and its Restoration (with Stuart Jones)
  • 3rd Term - Book of Hebrews (with Brian Garnett) and Generations (with Stuart Jones)
  • 4th Term - Scheme of Redemption (with Brian Garnett)

Where have SeniorAIMers come from?

Alaska, Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Arkansas, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, Australia, Bermuda, Antigua, Russia

Where have SeniorAIMers gone to for their personal ministry?

Indonesia, India, Cambodia, Singapore, Australia, China, Philippines, Mexico, Honduras, Canada, multiple states in the USA, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Ghana, Greece, Poland, Slovakia, Estonia, Belarus, Romania, United Kingdom


Sunset International Bible Institute
3723 34th Street
Lubbock, TX 79410-2895

Contact SAIM:

We would love to hear from you. To learn more about SAIM, please contact Stuart and Cecilia Jones or Brian and Betty Garnett, SAIM Coordinators.

Sunset International Bible Institute
Stuart Jones/Brian Garnett
3723 34th Street
Lubbock, TX 79410-2895
806-788-3260 or 800-658-9553
Stuart Jones or Brian Garnett

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